Varga, Shinn and Morrisey aircraft are based on a design by William Morrisey.  The airplanes were produced from the mid 1950's to the mid 1980's in California and Arizona.


The photo above was a Morrisey Nifty and was one of Bill Morrisey's first production planes.  The two photos below are early Morrisey 2150's.



William Morrisey sold the production rights to Shinn Engineering, who subsequently sold to George Varga. It is a unique airplane with tremendous visibility, responsive controls, easy to land and very easy to service. Several websites document the history well: and

This is my 1981 Varga 2180, prior to changing the N Number...I did reserve 8463J, so it can go back if I ever sell it.  This picture was taken in Logan, Utah on the way back to the east coast after buying the plane in California.  The track of the cross country flight is below on the left and on the right there is a video of the trip...good friend George Turner accompanied me.  We  took off from Corning CA and then stopped in Winnemucca NV, Jackpot NV, Logan UT, Laramie WY, Hastings NE, Ottumwa IA, Peoria IL, Marion OH, Williamsport PA and landed in Marshfield MA.

When I bought my plane it had approximately 1800 hours on the Lycoming O360-A4D and over my first winter I had the engine overhauled at 1943 hours by Pine Mountain Aviation in Danbury, CT.  I can't say enough good things about owner, John Drenckhahn.  Lycoming is the only one who can leagally zero time a Lycoming engine, but John basically did everything Lycoming would do...everything in the engine is basically new except the crankshaft and the case, which were sent out for inspection and rejuvenated.  Since I was overhauling the engine, I also decided to replace everything firewall forward with new components including: lightweight starter, lightweight alternator with voltage regulator, new back up fuel pump, new oil cooler, new starter vibrator, new vacuum pump, all new hoses, all new steel AN essentially, the airplane pretty much operates the way it did the day it came from the factory in Chandler, AZ back in 1981.  The slideshow below details the engine overhaul and replacement.  


My mechanic is Steve Miller at the Marlboro, MA airport...this used to be a Varga sales center and Steve has all the manuals and knows Varga's inside and out...on top of that he's also a great guy!!


Another reason a Morrisey/Shinn/Varga is a great airplane is ease of service...basically all the side panels come off the plane from the prop to just behind the passenger seat...this gives great access to all the controls and wiring for inspections and service....Bill Morrisey really thought it all through.  See the slide show below for a typical Varga annual inspection.


Lycoming O360-A4D

   Type Certificate

Sensenich 76EM8-0-60

      Type Certificate


Type Certificate

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