My name is Don and somewhere along the line I had the great fortune to stumble into a great N Number, part of that was sheer persistence and part of it dumb luck...nevertheless I own N2C.


I got my pilots license in 1999, at that time I lived in Marshfield MA and my house was close enough to the airport that planes on approach to Runway 6 were at about 500' over my back yard and I kept telling myself I had to go down and check that I finally did and about a year later had my check-ride.


Along the way I built an airplane (Bushcaddy R-120) and also unfortunately crashed it, on July 13, 2012 (yes it was a Friday) up in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec.


Six weeks after crashing the Bushcaddy, I bought the Varga 2180 in California and flew it back to the east coast.  It's a great airplane.

I sold my Varga 2180 in 2018 so I could focus on my homebuilt Zenith CH750 CruZer.  I hated to do it but ADSB compliance was in the future and I didn't want to invest the needed cash.  The Varga was a great plane but not capable of landing on an 800' strip...hence the reason for the Zenith.

I can be contacted at don2c@"the domain name" of this website...

I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and have a small house on Cape Breton Island, where a lot of my family still of my bucket list plans is to create a runway on the land I own there and be able to fly from my front of these days...(Click on the pic to the right to check it out)

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